Keys To The City Giveaways Plus Local Podcast

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Local Merchant Gift Cards Live Podcast Giveaway

Free Entry: Anyone 18+ can participate in the Free Giveaways.

Pre-Podcast Entry: Participants can enter the drawing on this page before the podcast.

No Need to Watch the Podcast To Win: Unlike traditional game shows, participants do not need to watch to win, BUT, if you are watching you can receive additional prizes.

Notification of Winners: Winners will be notified during the podcast by phone and/or email.

Additional Gift Cards for Live Viewers: There will be additional gift cards given away to those who are actively watching the podcast live.  See example below.*  If the live bonus goes unclaimed during an episode, the value will increase incrementally with each episode.

Supporting Local Merchants: The prizes for this game show consist of gift cards from local merchants. This not only benefits the winners but also supports small businesses in the community.

*Example: If the initial prize consists of a $25 Merchant gift cards.

Episode 1: Participant A wins a $25 gift card drawing but wasn’t watching live. They win a $25 gift card but not the $25 live bonus. Next episode’s live prize pool increases to
($25. drawing) + ($25. + $25.) live bonus = $75. gift card

Episode 2: Participant B wins a $25 gift card drawing while watching live. They win $75.00 gift cards.  ($25. drawing) + ($25. + $25. live bonus) = $75. gift cards

8 Episodes with no live winners: Participant C wins $225. gift cards while watching live
($25. drawing) + (8 X $25.= $225) live bonus = $225. gift cards

Local Merchants Gift Cards You Can Select From

The Original Stavros Pizzeria & Restaurant
Sue Who Boutique NSB
Joes Cigar Room
Shades of New Smyrna Beach
Patio Cafe NSB
Link to Coupon of Bage Golf Cars and Landmaster
Halos & Dreams
Oceans Golf Club Daytona Beach
6 Free Garlic Knots (with $20 order)
Image of Bens Pharmacy New Smyrna Beach Savings
THE LADY JEWELER  20% off Coupon
CCh $50
Image of Info New Smyrna Beach art workshop info
Dtz Munitions
Medicine-Shoppeteam Photo
Stan Harrison Insurance Agency 402 Canal St. NSB (386) 427-5277
Servair Heating & Air Conditioning
Pepper's Boutique NSB
Park Avenue Dentistry in Edgewater
Looks Family Haircare Center, New Smyrna Beach
JC's Riptides coupon
The Hair Stop Salon
Images Garys Choice Meats
Top Quality Repairs  Tune Ups
Image Edgewater Appliance Discount Store Coupon
Image Edgewater Appliance Discount Store Coupon
image Edgewater Floor Store Coupons
eat NSB Coupon Promo code
Link Computer a Services coupon 10% off in shop labor
THE LADY JEWELER 20% off Coupon
Edgewater Med Group Info
Beach Embroidery & Screen Printing
Link to Latest Coupons Saving from Alarms Security Center
The Barnett Group Real Estate Agency
Images Flagler Ave Pizza Link

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