Oceans Golf Club Daytona Beach

2 Oceans W Blvd #101
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
(386) 788-2998

Oceans Golf Club, Daytona Beach is a privately owned not-for-profit golf course that is open to the public (all ages) for 13-hole, Par 3.

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Oceans Golf Club is:

  • Open to the public (all ages)
  • A privately owned not-for-profit golf course
  • 13-hole, Par 3 golf fun
  • Walk the course only (no motorized golf carts). We rent pull carts and golf clubs with light-weight golf bags
  • In Daytona Beach Shores, FL on the island just south of Daytona Beach, FL.​​
  • Office closes at 5 pm


Oceans Golf Club is a privately owned not-for-profit course that is open to the public (all ages) for 13-hole, Par 3.

​Our Golf Director is Scott Hubbard. He’s been with us over 20 years and takes pride in the ongoing beauty of the course.

Oceans Golf Club Rules

  • All players must register at the Golf Shop before beginning play.
  • All play must begin on hole #1 or as directed by the course management.
  • Course management has authority over all play.
  • Observe good golf etiquette.
  • Everyone must use a tee.
  • Each player must have his/her own bag and clubs.
  • No teaching or practicing during play.
  • Proper golf attire at all times.
  • Shirts must be worn.
  • There are no water hazards on the course.
  • Play all standing water as “casual water.”
  • Keep pull carts, bags and club carriers off the green. 
  • Repair ball marks and smooth sand in bunkers. 

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