30th Street Station

3001 India Palm Dr,
Edgewater, FL 32141

30th Street Station – Neighborhood Bar & Grill

Casual Neighborhood Bar & Grill 30th Street Station 10% off Coupon
Casual Neighborhood Bar & Grill 30th Street Station Free Cup of Soup or Chili Coupon
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Free beer with every train.

30th Street Station – Neighborhood bar & grill. If you’re sitting at the bar enjoying a regular price adult Libation and the train goes by, you’ll receive a pint of locomotive red on us! ( excluding happy hour price beverages
Casual Neighborhood Bar & Grill

We value our customers.

We value our customers. In fact, that’s the driving reason behind our decision to provide a cash discount, to keep our prices competitive and our business profitable by offering a discount to all
customers who choose to pay with cash.

We will still welcome other payment methods, though those transactions will incur a 3.5% convenience fee. Our posted prices are the cash discount prices. We chose this approach rather than raising all of our prices 10% across the board. We feel like this is serving our customers better and giving them better value. The response has been great and we appreciate your
continued business. We believe our customers are the best and we look forward to maintaining fair and competitive pricing.

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